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The people who relocate to Spanish Oaks enjoy art galleries, an independent movie theatre, antiques, thrift shops and a wide variety of restaurants and downtown shops. Here are just a few spots within a short walking distance..

Burns Court Sarasota, FL

Burns Court:

Just one block away from the Sarasota Apartment is Burns Court, a historical hot spot of Sarasota. Burn's Court Cinema is a great place to catch an independent film or maybe have a glass of wine and some dinner at renowned Italian restaurant Uva Ra Ra(see left). Burns court features spanish style homes and businesses that were built in the 1920's. It is always a pleasure to take a nightly stroll through Burns court and take in the history that surrounds it.

Herald Square :

Herald Square is one of the token historical places in Downtown Sarasota. A Citrus Cafe is right in the front center of the square (See right) and is surrounded by antique shops, thrift stores and art galleries. There is also a convenience store in Herald Square. All of this not even a half a block from your front door at Spanish Oaks Apartments.

Herald Square, Downtown Sarasota

Towles Court Downtown Sarasota, FL

Towles Court:

Just about a 3 block walk away is an artist colony called Towles Court. Featuring colorfully painted vintage homes converted into artist studios, the walkways lead you on a fantastic journey through this hidden area of Downtown Sarasota. Towles Court has a restaurant and a coffee/sandwich shop and is a great place to relax and enjoy yourself.

Sarasota Bay :

The Sarasota Bay area has all kinds of different activities to do. From boating to shows at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center, to a day of exploration at the G-Wiz science center, there's always something going on in the Sarasota bay area. Also just a 5 minute drive from the bay is St. Armand's Circle, a great place to shop and eat.

Sarasota Bay Area

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens:

Selby Gardens is not only a beautifully landscaped botanical garden, it is a host to many of Sarasota's cultural events. It's a great place to bring the family to and is just about a 3 block walk from Spanish Oaks. Nestled right against Sarasota Bay, it is one of the many treasures of downtown Sarasota.

Downtown Sarasota | Main Street :

Main Street Sarasota is an adventure in itself. With every imaginable shop to browse and an array of cuisines to choose, you'll see right away why more people come to Sarasota every year. Wine tastings, nightclubs, street festivals, parades, movies, bookstores and gallery showings are just touching the surface of the many cultural events that take place in Downtown Sarasota.

Courtyard View from Palm Ave, Downtown Sarasota, FL
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Convenience Store

1/2 Block

Burns Court/Cinema

1 Block

Sarasota Memorial Hospital

1/3 Mile

Hollywood 20

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2 Parks within

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Selby Gardens

2 Blocks

Gas Station

5 Blocks

Selby Library

6 Blocks

25+ Restaurants within..

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Sarasota Waterfront

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